Strength Training



Each muscle group requires different recovery times

TimeToWorkout is the solution!

Individual Time Intervals

You can set individual time intervals for each exercise and thus for each muscle group.
TimeToWorkout generates your daily workout plan automatically, so every muscle group gets the ideal regeneration.

Optimal Workout-Planning

Handling Complex training diaries or large Excel spreadsheets is over.
Suitable for fitness training, strength training, bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Enter your exercises and set their individual interval, e.g. every 4 days.
TimeToWorkout does the rest.

Monitor Your Progress

TimeToWorkout is an app for optimal workout-planning and documentation.
You can evaluate your progress of each set of an exercise graphically in a detailed chart,
so your progression is always under control.

Standalone Smartwatch App

If you own an Android Wear - Smartwatch, you do not need to take your smartphone with you.
The main functionality of TimeToWorkout is also available on Smartwatches.
Your routines and progress are automatically synchronized between your smartwatch and smartphone.

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